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June 30th 2022

FAST and vMVPD: Liner Video is moving to OTT!

HighSee, the nTh Video Analyzer, manages FAST and vMVPD OTT video service categories, granting its unique KPIs proposition backed by international committee standards across many OTT services.
Mobile and Fixed operators have the opportunity to enrich subscribers' offers by bundling these new OTT video service categories:

- FAST - Free Advertisement Supported TV - of the likes of Paramount's Pluto TV, and
- vMVPD - virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors - like Philo TV.

Advertisement-free SVOD services enjoyed stellar growth recently, which surged during the COVID pandemic. With the pandemic slowing, people start again spending time and money on other recreative activities while monitoring SVOD spending closely. MVPDs base their OTT Video proposition on bundling attractive cable services into one more convenient subscription. They started to be present in mobile operators offering to provide linear TV without a Set-Top Box.

March 31st 2022

HighSee assesses 5G and 4G networks' performance for OTT media delivery

HighSee introduces new Partial Records that segment OTT media user sessions for gNB, eNB, UPF, and SGW nodes providing further ammunition to Network Operators for performance analysis and problem troubleshooting.
OTT Video Partial Records give insight into inter-RAT 5G <-> 4G handovers, 4G and 5G access performances, EPC (5G NSA), and 5G Core (SA) performances.

June 30th 2021

Cloud Gaming is here!

HighSee platform for OTT video analysis evolves to Cloud Gaming monitoring, adding Blacknut, Google Stadia, and NVidia GeForce Now monitoring.
Cloud Gaming demand for low latency and high bandwidth poses new challenges to network operators who play a pivotal role in enabling this new business segment.
HighSee for Cloud Gaming (HS4CG) results from the deep knowledge nTh have gained during years of mapping network–service behavior to the user experience. It stands out for the complete evaluation of network impairments that impact users, helping operators solve problems that matter to their subscribers.

March 31st 2020

Whether it's AVOD, SVOD, or Social networks, HighSee makes it!

HighSee monitors and analyzes AVOD, SVOD, and socials OTT Video services.
Over 90% of OTT video traffic transported by networks can be thoroughly examined, inferring users' UX scores, classifying media bit rates, and network performances.
HighSee analysis ranges from YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV+ to other widespread AVOD and SVOD services, and includes video services of the most popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Regardless they are over SSL or QUIC encrypted protocols.
Thanks to HighSee's flexible engine, new OTT video services may quickly be added to address business opportunities.

April 2nd 2019

AmazonTM PrimeTM Video and FacebookTM VOD are now supported by HighSee

Amazon™ Prime™ Video and Facebook™ VOD has been added to the OTT video providers analyzed by HighSee. These services, together with YouTube™, Netflix™ and Facebook™ Live streaming, enable HighSee users to evaluate the most worldwide common SVOD/AVOD services. But there is more: Amazon™ Prime™ Video leverages on a new modeling capability, called Video Template, that instructs HighSee UX engine about the relevant ABR characteristics of the OTT video service to be analyzed. As experienced in this first case, Video Template will allow to quickly extend the supported services and, more in general, to promptly react to specific regional or country-based requests.

February 20th 2019

Patent granted to nTh on QoS and UX estimation of multimedia ciphered sessions

On December 11th, 2018, the Italian Patents and Trademarks Office issued to nTh S.R.L. the patent number “102016000051883“ on “System for measuring the Quality of Service (QoS) and the User Experience (UX) of multimedia ciphered sessions”.
This achievement underlines the strength and uniqueness of nTh approach to QoS and UX estimation for OTT video services over network encrypted connections.

February 4th 2019

HighSee supports Facebook™ Live analysis

Facebook™ Live analysis is now supported by HighSee OTT Video analyzer.
According to IAB™ “Live Video Streaming – A Global Perspective” market research, social platforms are the most popular sources of live stream video content (52%), while content quality results the main factor that influences the choice of live video streaming sources (45%).
These reasons make HighSee Facebook™ Live support crucial for system integrators, test companies, and network vendors that want to deliver the best video customer experience.

July 18th 2018

nTh HighSee: distribution agreement with Mantica Solutions for Spain and Portugal

Mantica Solutions, a leading end to end test and monitoring solutions provider, will deliver OTT Video assurance solutions based on nTh HighSee in the Iberic region.
“HighSee ability to infer user experience for popular services like YouTube and Netflix is in complete sync with our philosophy which strives to provide our telecom customers best of breed end-to-end solutions for the most advanced services they enable”
said Jose Gonzalez, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at Mantica Solutions.

May 10th 2018

nTh at 5G World Summit 2018 in London

Visit us at Project Kairos Area during 5G Forum event, 12 - 14 June 2018, ExCeL, London.
Reserve a meeting writing to

April 20th 2018

NTH is Full ETSI member

“ nTh has been approved as a Full ETSI member. As an initial step, nTh will make available its almost 30 years’ TELCO experience to contribute to “Speech and multimedia Transmission Quality“ (STQ) and “Speech and multimedia Transmission Quality – Mobile” (STQ-M) workgroups with particular attention to Over The Top (OTT) Video Quality of Service and Quality of Experience aspects.

ETSI is the recognized regional standards body – European Standards Organization (ESO) – dealing with telecommunications, broadcasting and other electronic communications networks and services. Founded initially to serve European needs, ETSI provides a global perspective and standards now used the world over. ETSI is not-for-profit body with more than 800 member organizations worldwide, drawn from 68 countries and five continents. Members comprise a diversified pool of large and small private companies, research entities, academia, government and public organizations. ETSI is also a founding partner of 3GPP, the Third Generation Partnership Project, helping to develop 4G and 5G mobile communications. “

NTH is Full ETSI member

July 5th 2016

nTh releases HighSee, the Over-The-Top (OTT) Video analyzer for Telco Assurance Applications

See the full text of this Streaming Media article.