HighSee helps TELCOs to deliver OTT video services
with full end-to-end quality awareness

Gain network-wide visibility of user experience for encrypted video services


HighSee is an Over The Top (OTT) Video analyzer for TELCOs Assurance Applications, which detects HTTPS Adaptive Bit Rate Video Sessions, infers subscriber User Experience (UX) and assesses both media servers and network performances.

Subscriber Insight Enabler

HighSee analyzes OTT Video activities per user, generating crucial information for TELCOs to obtain a 360-degree subscriber view and proactively support customer retention and monetization strategy.

End To End Analysis

HighSee users can easily detect if poor score sessions are related to terminals/players, media servers or network behavior. Valuable information summarized into Session Records is provided to manage Video Caching Performances, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with OTT Providers, Network Planning and Optimization activities.

View the invisible

Thanks to its innovative patented approach, by monitoring encrypted (HTTPS) and unencrypted (HTTP) subscriber sessions in the core network or at active devices, HighSee estimates events that may adversely impact the user experience, such as “session freezes” and poor “play start delays”.

Built with Assurance Provider needs in mind

HighSee is the ideal plug-in solution to streamline OTT Video Assurance.
In line with the latest Telco requirements, it runs on standard x86 virtual machines, with an architecture that ensures low footprint integration with clear northbound and southbound interfaces.
Moreover HighSee can also analyze pcap captures coming from Active monitoring or Drive Test systems, enabling a deeper Root Cause analysis to them.

Service Awareness

Key indicators are combined to provide summary scores for three important functional areas: User Experience, Audio/Video Service Quality, and Network Performance.
Detailed traces are available to view user session Audio/Video resolutions, the buffer dynamic of the client, media servers responsiveness, up to all packets exchanged between the servers and the user client.

Orchestrated Virtual Function

Released on Docker containers for seamless integration into virtual environments. An orchestrator may deploy and scale HighSee according to the type and quantity of traffic to manage.

Use cases

CEM Proactive Customer Care

Reduce Churn and Retain Customers.
Proactive marketing actions for subscribers receiving poor service experience.

Service Assurance and Network Optimization

Optimize Costs.
Evaluate Network Capacity (Cell, RAN, CORE) VS User Experience.
Cache VS no Cache - ABR VS Progressive

Service Interconnection

Full visibility of the Video quality delivered.
First hand information to manage the relationship of TELCOs with CDN and Video Service Providers.