Joiner transforms network information into user information

Find and Resolve Network and Service Impairments Impacting Your Customers


Joiner is a data record adaptor and correlator for mobile and core networks management. The ideal partner for big data architectures with data lakes and analytic applications. Distributed as Docker component, it may be orchestrated in line with the network virtualization function concepts.

Builds User Records Bundling Network Transactions

Joiner correlates and aggregates network transactions from different interfaces into user data records. Analytic tools can quickly process this data with no further correlation burdens.

Rich adaptation libraries

Adaptation libraries are available for market leader vendors. In case a vendor feed is not part of libraries, just ask, nTh will develop and integrate it at no extra costs.

Adapts records from multiple sources

Adapt records generated by Network Elements, Active and Passive Monitoring Systems, and similar sources. It also comes with a PCAP file adaptor which makes it the ideal tool for testing new technologies during test and initial rollout phases.

Flexible correlation rules

Joiner proved its correlation capabilities in several deployments. Customers may adjust correlation rules to cope with vendors or networks custom implementations.

Manages Mobile and Fixed Network Protocols

An inventory of many 3G, 4G, 5G protocols, and IMS core network protocols is available.

Orchestrated Virtual Function

Released on Docker containers for seamless integration into virtual environments. An orchestrator may deploy and scale Joiner according to the type and quantity of traffic to manage.

Use cases

Lower Traffic to Data Lakes, Reduce Load to Analytics Tools

Joiner consolidates feeds from probes and network elements into user-sessions in real time. It reduces the amount of user data to store, enabling analytic tools to use simple and straightforward queries.

Probes and network elements feed Data-Lakes with a huge amount of protocols information with proprietary formats. Analytic applications need to query, sort, and correlate an impressive amount of data to obtain a unified user view; this negatively affects their performances and the overall solution costs.

Improve VoLTE Experience, Reduce Time To Repair

VoLTE calls encompass all most recent technologies like LTE and IMS. Joiner manages call scenarios like VoLTE-VoLTE, VoLTE-WIFI, VoLTE-IMS, VoLTE-UMTS. The correlated record produced includes all transaction results of each interface involved in the call. It provides to analytic algorithms information to pinpoint both signaling problems and RTP impairments.

Correlate Active Tests with Network Monitoring

Service providers use active test systems to evaluate end-to-end network performances, and passive monitoring tools to detect, isolate, and correct impairments. With Joiner's correlated records, providers may trace both test sessions and real users sessions, virtually at each network interface, gaining full visibility during rollouts, bringing-into-service, and operational phases.

OTT traffic correlation and enrichment

Service providers can increase revenues and attract new subscribers with tailored OTT services, but they must identify the QoS and UX delivered to their subscribers. Joiner correlates and enriches control plane signaling records from third-party vendors with HighSee OTT sessions, adding valuable information like IMSI, MSISDN, IMEI, APN, and Cell-ID. Service providers have all it takes to manage subscribers, services, and networks.